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Version LQ (Low Quality)
TranSGeniK by Sherkan & Osiris It's TranSGeniK's favorite track. Its Acidchord jungle, 143 BPM
Chromosomik Acid by Osiris It's House Acid, 140 BPM
Smoother by Sherkan & Osiris This one is rather bizarre compared to the others. Its a very calm kind of trance ending with a Jungle breakbeat, 140 BPM
Instable Wow by Osiris This track is very "Speed" There are 2 versions: One which is calm, the other, Jungle Acid, 160 BPM
Amethiste by Osiris This is Osiris's very first track. It's very spatial Acid Core. There are also 2 versions, this one being the harder of the 2, 150 BPM
What's Up? by Osiris It's Hard Acid BreakBeat, 140 BPM
Urban Robot by Osiris Very Robotic, Break, Acid, 150 BPM
Espoir Perdu by Sherkan & Osiris It's psychadelic GoAcid. Very soft, even though it's a little fast, 155 BPM
Cat Goa by Osiris This is pure Goa with a touch of Jungle: very soft, but there will be a much more nasty version to come in the future, 142 BPM
Exorcist In My Brain by Sherkan & Osiris We know, it's very commercial. But, hey, we tried. It's some nice Acid, 150 BPM
Knock Out Dreams by Sherkan & Osiris This one is also very commercial. It's acid with a Goa ending. A little bit of Trance, 150 BPM
Maïs by Osiris The new track of Osiris, Jungle, 150 BPM
Song for Trich by Osiris A small track, Techno and little acid, 155 BPM
Sherkan's Brain by Sherkan Trance acid Tribe, 143 BPM
RBBWY&R by Osiris Red, Black, Braun, White, Yellow and Rainbow, Techno with indian ritmik, 134 BPM
Goa Call by Lithos The first Track of Lithos!! GoAcid, 135 BPM
It Shake On My Brain by Osiris A track for the ravers!! AcidCore, 160 BPM
That's Suck by Osiris A track for make a good tripe!! Acid House, 145 BPM