What is TranSGeniK?

TranSGeniK is a techno group. Our specialty being, well... uh.... we do every style. But some of our stuff is better. Like, for example: Acidcore, Jungle, GoAcid, Trance...

On the other hand, some of our stuff is not quite as good: House, Dreams (happily so), then some stuff that is too commercial.

Above all, TranSGeniK is a group that rooted straight from the underground. It is open to everyone that loves techno: DJ's, composers, dancers, listeners(?), ravers, and all....

Ah yes! Why did we choose TranSGeniK, huh? why? Because it is a play on many words. It is up to you to decide which you prefer, if you can find some of them.

For the moment, we are composed of 3:

- Osiris : He is the leader, without being it too much, really. His specialties are Acidcore, Jungle; not as well, some trance, sometimes Goa, and also GoAcid.

- Sherkan : He's the guy that does the rather technical things. It's thanks to him that we actually seem to be something. He's the composer through excellence.

- Lithos : Well, he rather likes to do melodic stuff. We classify him with TranceHouse. Sometimes, when he wants, he makes Acid and everything, but not as well.